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Censio Tax in a Nutshell

We simplify transfer pricing and always strive to translate theory into sustainable solutions. Efficient project processes and availability are high priorities in our work. We are passionate about transfer pricing and have the pleasure of working with some of the greatest and largest companies in the Nordics. Transfer pricing is fun – let’s discuss!

About Us

Censio Tax was founded in 2018 and is based in Stockholm. We are an independent full service transfer pricing advisory firm working with consultancy as well as interim in-house solutions across the Nordics. Our extensive experience within transfer pricing has enabled us to provide truly value-adding advisory services where we bridge the gap between theory and practice with the focus on simplifying our clients’ daily transfer pricing work. 

We constantly work on finding pragmatic implementable solutions in line with local tax regulations and international guidelines.

We are members of FAR (the institute of accountancy profession in Sweden) and the leading international Quantera Global network of independent transfer pricing firms. We are also the Swedish transfer pricing expert authors for MNE Tax.

Transfer Pricing Consultancy

We work within all areas of transfer pricing and we always ensure that our advice is implementable with the aim of simplifying our clients’ handling of transfer pricing. Our services include planning and restructurings, manuals, policies, tax audits and financial analyses.

Compliance Services

Our philosophy is ‘less is more’ where we aim to find efficient compliance solutions for our clients to have full ownership of their products and processes. We are detail-oriented and have extensive experience in managing compliance projects in various countries.

We assist with compliance such as transfer pricing documentation (Master file / Local files), Country-by-Country Reporting, benchmarking analyses, agreements and Mandatory Disclosure Reporting and everything you may need within transfer pricing!

Interim In-house Solutions

We provide interim in-house solutions within transfer pricing and tax matters to support the tax and finance departments. Working in-house enables us to work more hands-on and assist with the implementation and execution of transfer pricing policies. We also ensure to transfer know-how to internal departments for our clients to own the routines and processes.

We have comprehensive and relevant experience of interim in-house assignments and would be delighted to provide references from leading multinational groups in the Nordics.

In-house roles are great fun and help us to understand our clients’ issues.

Software Solutions

The future is upon us and the increased compliance requirements make our lives more focused on collecting data and administration than the interesting work of planning and optimizing processes. Transfer pricing software reduces compliance costs, improves data quality and saves time.

Censio Tax assists companies with sourcing of transfer pricing software solutions for operational transfer pricing/follow-up and documentation simplification.

We also cooperate with Intercompany Software, which is a multi tenant plug and play software for automating the calculations in the transfer pricing compliance process. Intercompany Software simplifies your operational transfer pricing, adjustment calculation and ensures that you are 100% in control of your data.

Let’s discuss how we can assist!

Intercompany Software

International Network

Censio Tax is a member of the Quantera Global transfer pricing network which is one of the world’s leading independent transfer pricing networks, providing specialist and integrated services to multinationals of all sizes across the globe.

Quantera Global

Our Team and Contacts

We have gathered a dream team of passionate transfer pricing professionals. Our head office is located in Stockholm, we are flexible and work all across the Nordic region. We have experience of working with transfer pricing in multiple jurisdictions, in-house roles and the Swedish tax agency.

Madeleine Thörning with 10+ years of experience working with transfer pricing at the Swedish tax agency, international advisory firms in both Sweden and the US and from multiple in-house tax manager roles. Besides transfer pricing, Madeleine likes sports and is a renowned foodie. 
+46 707 178 861

Erik Koponen is an authorized tax advisor with over a decade of experience working with transfer pricing matters at international advisory firms in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and China. Erik has had various team leadership roles throughout his career and is a frequently engaged lecturer. Erik likes processes, building transfer pricing routines, and padel. 
+46 763 094 190

Emiliha Ferrão is an authorized tax advisor and has worked with transfer pricing for over 5 years. Her prior experience includes work at international advisory firms in Stockholm. Emiliha manages transfer pricing projects and has during recent years gained extensive valuable in-house transfer pricing experience. Emiliha likes law and german shepherds. 
+46 723 276 776

Charlotte Österbom has extensive experience from international advisory firms and the Swedish tax agency. She has worked with transfer pricing for the last 10 years and in her role at the Swedish tax agency she conducted transfer pricing audits and lead internal technical trainings. Charlotte loves tax audits and sailing. 
+46 708 293 018

Isabella Limslätt is a tax consultant with a background in the broader legal area where tax has been one area of responsibility. Isabella joined Censio Tax in 2022 to specialize in transfer pricing. Isabella is a philanthropist who volunteers for a non-profit organization when she is not reading the transfer pricing guidelines. 
+46 735 066 150